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August 20, 2009: Our "dummy" edition prior to resumption of full publication in September.
Politics: Medina Says She's the True 'Conservative'
Debra Medina says she offers Republican voters a "true conservative" choice in the governor's race, and an end to the state property tax.
Poltiics: Garza Wants to Help Set the Agenda
Richard Garza-Ray says he wants to reach Texas voters with the message that independence is feasible, and to help set the agenda for that goal.
A Call to Action for TNM
TNM Membership Director Christopher Kenney has issued a call for TNM members to stand up and take leadership roles.
The Race is 'ON'
U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has officially thrown her hat into the race for Governor, becoming the fourth Republican and sixth candidate overall in the campaign for the seat of incumbent Rick Perry.
Texas Issues: Unsafe Vehicles
The federal General Accounting Office says that many of the companies operating unsafe buses and trucks evade regulations and continue to operate their death-traps even after they've been ordered to shut down simply by changing their names.
Texas Issues: Martial Law?
The military's Northern Command has asked Congress to set aside the Posse Comitatus Act of 1873 to enable the deployment of troops -- possibly even foreign troops -- in American communities during ill-defined "emergencies."
Texas Economy: Wind Energy
Texas continues to lead the nation in both the production of energy from wind-pwoered sources and in the installation of new wind-powered generating facilities.
Op/Ed: We're Here to Tell the Truth
The Texas National Press resumes publication this month with one goal in mind: to tell the truth, and to dispel all the misconceptions about our movement.
Sports: Cowboys Preview
The worst distractions from 2008 are gone, and Cowboys coach Wade Phillips is planning to have his team launch the 2009 season without a sense of "entitelement."
Sports: Texans Preview
The Houston Texans enter the 2009 campaign in a position they're not used to: favored to win the division. They're not celebrating just yet, however.
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